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October 2023. Do you believe it! I just posted our latest session’s Yoga Routine. Just scroll to the bottom of this page! There you will find a link to Arms and Abs. And why not look through all of the other class plans?!

May 15 Still at it and appreciating it and you all.

February 2023 — We’re still at it and THANK GOODNESS. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you! New routines added at the bottom the page. Sara
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It’s Fall; days are shorter; temperatures cooler; and the atmosphere damper, but yoga via zoom allows us to stay inside at home and yet BE TOGETHER! Let me know if you want to be added to our email list for Monday and Friday classes.
August, 2022. One step at a time. Remembering to breathe. Being grateful for friends and family virtual and in-person. Recognizing again and again the importance of a practice. Thanks for sharing and being in my life.
May, 2022. Here we are still going strong…and speaking of “strong” I’ve just posted a class routine that reflects our practice these days focusing on strengthening our upper body and core while maintaining openness in our throat, shoulders and heart. It’s linked at the bottom of this post.
January, 2022. We’re still at it and enjoying it! Thank you all for your commitment to love and wholeness. It’s a blessing in my life for sure!
April, 2021. Well, we’ve been practicing together via zoom for more than a year and it’s starting to feel “normal”. Of course we miss the physical presence and contact but seeing faces and hearing voices online is a joy and I feel very fortunate that the relationships and the practice continue.

Dawna does Tree Pose in New Zealand!
Welcome Home Anne

Class Plans

Root and Sacral Chakras and Poses to Support their Health


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