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Classical Pilates w/ Christina

Christina is a certified Classical Pilates instructor with over 11 years of experience, with additional certifications in Yoga, Personal Training, and Corrective Exercise.She has worked in NYC and Beverly Hills everywhere from private studios and Physical Therapy offices, to chique, exclusive clubs, such as Equinox and Beverly Hills Country Club. Christina’s specialty is assisting clients in… Continue reading Classical Pilates w/ Christina

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Yoga, Biodynamic Massage, Craniosacral Therapy Todd Jackson brings inspired, catalyzing instruction to students seeking inner body integration.  His workshops and classes offer what students need most; a safe learning environment, experiential exploration, and expert guidance.  Developing and teaching original material in the fields of yoga, massage and craniosacral therapy, Todd presents uncommon avenues to profound… Continue reading Todd

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Zoom Yoga!

April, 2021. Well, we’ve been practicing together via zoom for more than a year and it’s starting to feel “normal”. Of course we miss the physical presence and contact but seeing faces and hearing voices online is a joy and I feel very fortunate that the relationships and the practice continue. Class Plans… Continue reading Zoom Yoga!

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The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind® w/Linda Lack

The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind is a contemporary movement and healing technique that can reduce pain, waylay pending surgery, minimize movement limitations and create possibility for life, athletics, dance and theater. Monthly Workshops, Clinic, Teaching/Learning Forum Intensive Training and Practice Weekends are a monthly adjunct to the regular studio schedule. The Technique Workshop, Clinic, Teaching/Learning Forum and… Continue reading The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind® w/Linda Lack

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Campfire Conversations w/ Anja

STAY TUNED – MORE TO COME THIS SPRING. There is something really magical about the kind of conversations that happen around a campfire, away from screens and artificial light. The movement and crackling of the fire, sooths us, calms us down and allows us to be creative and to reflect. The smell of the wood… Continue reading Campfire Conversations w/ Anja

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Yoga with Emily

I hope this finds you well and taking advantage of the stillness of this time. I would like to invite you to move with me.  Find out more on Emily’s Facebook Chandravali Yoga site

Yoga Routines

Yoga w/Adriene

Several of our yoga students watch Ardenne Get ready to step inside and see what it feels like to be at home. Today’s 6 min orientation video offers some tips and support as we prepare for 30 Days Of Yoga. You Tube Day OneFREE!