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Campfire Conversations w/ Anja


There is something really magical about the kind of conversations that happen around a campfire, away from screens and artificial light. The movement and crackling of the fire, sooths us, calms us down and allows us to be creative and to reflect. The smell of the wood can be nostalgic and relaxing. If we add to this the noise of the birds and the lushness of the woodland, we have the  perfect environment for something very real and important.

Here we can be free from the social image that we use in the outside world and online. We can talk openly and honestly with other women and feel a sense of connection that is difficult to find in the fast pace of our modern life. Imagine how our relationships and the world could change by REAL, AUTHENTIC and HONEST conversations.

Join me to regain this connection, to build a strong community, one that values TRUTH, CONNECTION, RESPECT and AUTHENTICITY. Together through true connection we can overcome loneliness and stress and rebuild a world based on something deeper.
We meet monthly, we chat, we connect with nature and each other, we eat (GF) cake and drink hot or cold beverage. We leave feeling less stressed, more connected and relaxed, our energy is improved, this effects our relationships and in turn the world.

Campfire conversations are suggested donation $25, this includes a unique and authentic experience, the use of a private woodland, deep and meaningful conversation, connection, hot non-alcoholic beverage and cake.

Sessions run on the last Saturday of every month at 10am – 12pm
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