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Iyengar Home Practice w/ Anne

I hope you’re staying safe and healthy.
This short time of self-quarantine has made me appreciate my yoga practice more than ever. (and I’m getting quite a bit of time in my yoga room!) Not only does it get me moving, but it also helps me quiet my breath and my mind during these uneasy times.
I will be teaching online classes from time to time. If you’re interested – please shoot me an email and I’ll share up-coming classes.

Here are some Iyengar Yoga Routine Resources
Home Practice Sequences

ABOUT THE PROPS: I recognize that many folks will not have yoga props at home, and will try to design our class plans accordingly. However, it you feel like going on a scavenger hunt in your home, you might just find you have things that will work great as yoga props. Here are some suggestions:

  • A mat: the real goal is to find something so that your feet don’t slide in standing poses
  • A hard wood floor
  • A tile floor
  • A block or two: the idea is to have something with a few different heights
  • A folding chair works nicely. The seat serves as a high height. The cross bar between the legs works for a lower height. The top of the back is useful for some “half” versions of poses
  • A wood block leftover from a home improvement project
  • A large book
  • A plastic crate
  • A step stool
  • A strap: you might want to find a couple of different options, depending on how it is used in various poses. 
  • A pants belt
  • An old necktieThe belt of a bathrobe
  • An beach towel or other large towel
  • Blankets: the goal is to have a bit of padding and height from the floor
  • Old blankets are fine!
  • A cushion from a couch or chair
  • A chair: the only real difference between a yoga chair and folding chair is that the back has been removed. Then the metal is sanded and repainted.
  • A folding chair or a step stool
  • A bolster
  • From a couch. That seems to be where they first came from anyway!

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